[r-t] Anything Goes vs Peals Mean Something

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Fri Aug 8 14:02:51 UTC 2008

Graham John wrote:

> RAS wrote in reply to me:
>>> But people ring false quarters, that doesn't make them acceptable.
>> Do they?  Intentionally?  That's news to me.
> One example that comes to mind is that people have rung quarters of Little
> Bob Minor, without splicing it with an Alliance method, or using variable
> hunt.

Ah, but even then, I think people are attempting to ring a 
'true' quarter: it's just that the definition of 'truth' 
that they are applying is different.  I imagine that most 
quarters of Little Bob Minor include each of the 480 
accessible rows at least twice and no more than three times. 
I don't imagine that there have been many quarters where 
some of the 480 accessible rows were (intentionally) 

Perhaps people should be allowed to ring a peal containing 
eleven 480s of Little Bob Minor?  Or ten 480s plus a 200.


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