[r-t] Anything Goes vs Peals Mean Something

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Aug 10 11:43:53 UTC 2008

RAS and Clarrie write,

> Bannister lists a College Youths peal of 5014 of Stedman Triples in 1862 
> at St Mary's Lambeth taking 3h5.

> The St Martin's Guild peal books contain either a 5025 or a 5026 of 
> grandsire tripes rung at Deritend, Birmingham in the pre CC days of the 
> 19th century.  We count it in Guild totals.

But how many bells is "tripes" rung on? ;-)

OK, I guess these are good examples. I'm slightly surprised they exist, to 
be honest. Who were the conductors and composers? Was there any controversy 
over them at the time? Why the doubt over the Grandsire length?

My guess is that both peals were rung after it became acceptable to ring a 
5000 of Major, and a couple of bands decided to do the same on seven bells. 
However by the sound of it this was never repeated, and certainly never 
became widely accepted. What did the bands go on to ring afterwards? No more 
sub-5040 Triples from either I suspect, would that be right?

So... any 4999s in the record books...


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