[r-t] Peal lengths [was Anything Goes vs Peals Mean Something]

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Aug 10 23:00:42 UTC 2008

Don writes,

> How is the two length "system" (I'm personally inclined to use a ruder 
> noun) more elegant than a one length system of everything is 5,040?

Lots of reasons, but all revolving around the fact that 5040 means a lot for 
Triples, and not very much for Major and above. There's a demarcation; I 
like that. I like the fact that 5024 sounds like Major and 5000 sounds like 
Royal and neither sound like the 5040 of Triples. I like the fact that, 
historically, this has what has been done. I like the celebration of the 
extent on seven, and the celebration of freedom from it on numbers above 

Like most of ringing - it's come about by happenstance, but is simply 


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