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Sun Aug 10 23:51:56 UTC 2008

> Argh... no... that's exactly what we're saying. You're ringing Stedman> Triples, all the rows are at stage 7, except 6 (or 12) of them are repeated.> You now make those rows into a true peal of "Singles and Triples" as I've> described. Same peal, same rows, still false, but by describing it as a> two-stage peal you're getting away with pretending it is true.
Same rows, different peal because the rows come in a different order. At this point you are acually changing what is rung and not just the description/interpretation and while it's obviously not as nice/elegant as a normal extent of triples, i wouldn't be so bothered about it as it is clearly not described or describable as Stedman triples.
Either way, you still have a similar thing in your proposals, truth is partly determined by wheather you choose to describe the rows at stage N or N+1. Your objections against this are purely subjective and i don't see how this is that different from inserting an extent of minor into a touch of triples, when it's looked at objectively. I thought that one of the primary purposes of these new decisions was to get rid of subjectiveness and value-judgements, and you are proposing to let them dictate one of the most important concepts.
> I don't think many people are comfortable with the idea of sticking a 120 of> Doubles in the middle of a peal of Max, hence repeating changes at the> higher stage, and calling it a true peal. Truth has little meaning if you> can do that, has it? Even RAS doesn't like the idea of the extents of> Singles in the peal of Triples. Of course, let people ring that sort of> stuff if they want to.
The doubles probably wasn't a very good idea, i don't know, but someone else might be able to come up with something better that needs the same freedom.
> My apologies Matthew... I probably owe you a beer...
Don't worry, i don't like beer anyway, i know it's virtually blasphemy, but i can't stand the stuff!
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