[r-t] Rows and changes

Simon Humphrey sh at keystrata.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 08:11:24 UTC 2008

> Touches are round blocks.

I know everyone's trying to leave out any consideration of methods and leads
etc. for the moment, but I think most ringers would say a touch of treble
bob starting normally and coming round at the backstroke snap isn't a round
block, and can't be rotated either, without interfering with the method
structure. Or handstroke touches of Stedman or Grandsire, for that matter.
If such touches are rotated they obviously have to contain method restarts
within a lead or division, which could be greatly entertaining but quite
tricky in practice.  For instance, I can just imagine the consequences of
the conductor shouting out "Restart next handstroke !" in Grandsire, and
everyone having to suddenly hunt backwards.  Especially if spliced with New
Anyone have any interesting touches or peal comps of Restart ringing?

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