[r-t] 800 Cambridge S Minor (for PJE)

Glenn Taylor gaataylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 19 09:07:55 UTC 2008

In the "grand scheme of things" I don't think that a total of 8 changes are worth in-depth debate. I would contend, however, that my arrangement is pure Cambridge supplemented by a solitary call to switch hunt bells and threfore less of a fudge than introducing other 5-6 places as well.

We both get the funnies out of the way asap and whilst I agree that your arrangement, unlike mine, permits a following 720 I'm not convinced that this is a *significant* selling point.


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Not sure this is less fudged though - my aim was to make it as simple and "familiar" to normal Cambridge as possible, and this meant getting a funny start out of the way as quickly as possible finishing with a standard WHW*3 extent. Presumably you are aware that my start is the last eight changes of a lead of Cambridge, with a 56 single to get the treble back in the hunt, and with the other places in 5-6 to keep things true?

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A "less fudged" 800 than the one in last week's RW can be achieved as

Start 8 changes earlier than normal (4 in hunt) and call a 34 single to
bring up 146325. Thereafter call 4ths.2H to produce rounds.

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