[r-t] Man

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Wed Jan 9 20:27:44 UTC 2008

Don again:

> ended up in awe of Parker's production of his eponymous composition

Absolutely. Humans don't always get it right though; in many areas computers
have shown up failings in human analysis. Some good examples in chess -
especially from endgame tablebases. In the field of composition one example
that sticks in my memory is a Ringing World christmas composition challenge
some years ago. As I recall the challenge was to come up with a composition
of London No.3 with both 24653 and 35642 courses, and as many 567890 as
possible. There were several entries, some of which looked pretty good.
However a machine search I coded up some time afterwards showed that none 
was near optimum.


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