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Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Sun Jan 6 00:24:35 UTC 2008

Don Morrison wrote:
 > That can't be right. Looking at the "solutions" I've got they've all
 > got three befores to a part. I'll see what I've done wrong.

And the wrong order of the calling positions.

Between the time I typed the place notation into the thing and the time I 
collected the numbers and wrote the email talking about it I forgot that the 
method I was using wasn't Yorkshire, it was Rutland.

How embarrassing. I really should have looked at the results, and not just the 
numbers. Sorry.

"If I only had a brain".

For Yorkshire instead of Rutland, I get an even tinier search:

With the breadth first pre-optimi[sz]ation:

   1,727 node visitations, in 190 msec, 4.2 per Mcycle

Without the breadth first pre-optimization:

   7,259 node visitations, in 200 msec, 16.8 per Mcycle

Sigh. Apologies again for having screwed up by not proof reading.

I come up with 10 total without shunts, but 14 total if I include
shunts, so we're probably getting the same results after all.

5088 (14235678): 2WH MW MW3H B MWH
5088 (14235678): WH MW3H BH MW 2MWH
    [ (13425678): WH MW2H MH BH MW 2MW ]
5088 (14235678): 3M2WH MW MW B MWH
5088 (14235678): MH M2WH MW MWH MH B MWH
5088 (14235678): M2W MWH B3H MWH MH
    [ (13425678): M2W MWH BH W2H MWH M ]
5088 (14235678): MW 2MH WH MW MW B MWH
    [ (13425678): MW 2MWH WH MW MW B MW ]
5088 (14235678): MW B3H MW MWH 2MH
5088 (14235678): MW BH WH MW MWH 2MWH WH
5088 (14235678): MW B MW MWH 2M3WH
5088 (14235678): MW B MW MWH MH 2W MWH
    [ (13425678): MW B MW MWH MH M2W MW ]

Again, abject apologies.

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
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