[r-t] New Grandsire [was Old methods]

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Jul 17 22:26:55 UTC 2008

What's this New Grandsire then - is it really just Grandsire rotated? If so
then it sounds like a load of nonsense; lots of Stedman is rung starting at
different changes and we still call it Stedman. No-one tries to splice
Stedman started at the normal place with Stedman started at, say, the 2nd
change of a slow six. Probably we should be able to do that, of course. (Yes
yes don't tell me it's false across the method change).

GACJ writes,

> In practice, gaining consensus on the detailed definitions is fraught with
> problems

Tch, I thought I'd nailed it a little while back, at least for what a method
is. See <http://bronze-age.com/NorwichAxioms/axiomframe.html>, "What is a


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