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I tried sending the following this morning, but it doesn't seem to have
Thoughts and opinions welcome.


Graham John:
"Everyone who criticises the current decisions underestimates the
of coming up with a replacement set."

Philip Earis:
"... I think we only need to go to the lowest common denominator of what
change ringing.  As such, the decisions need only to be based around two
words: "true permutations"."

I agree that change ringing should be the basis of any definitions, but
disagree that change ringing implies either truth or permutations.  If
people want to ring false peals, let them.  If people want to ring
that have a bell ringing at the beginning and end of the same row, let
Ultimately, the decision as to whether a piece of ringing is a peal
be left to the band that rang it.

Here are my definitions.  I invite you to add/change/ignore them as you

On N bells, a row is a block of N consecutive bells (not necessarily

A change is when two consecutive rows are different.

1) 5000 or more changes
2) Each bell rings at least once.
3) The band that rang it, declare it to be a peal.

If a band wants to ring something that you personally wouldn't consider
be a peal, don't ring with them.

Iain Anderson

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Talent Innovations Ltd
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