[r-t] Singles in Surprise

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sat Jul 19 22:11:36 UTC 2008

There is still a bit of resistance against multiple types of call in
Surprise. But I think that's mostly just worry by people who think they'll
go wrong at the funny calls.

The following composition is demonstrably the best possible result* you can
get for a quarter-peal of Yorkshire Surprise Max:
<http://ringing.org/main/pages/printable?id=5348&collection=quarters>. It
contains four types of call: ordinary bobs and singles plus half-lead bobs
and the "big single", 123456.

However once a band has rung this, they can be quite keen on adding more
call types. This related composition has a big bob (but no singles),
<http://ringing.org/main/pages/printable?id=5349&collection=quarters>, and
by swapping a (lh, hl) pair of bobs for a pair of singles (only works in one
place as I remember) you can up the call count to six: ordinary bob and
single, half-lead bob and single, big bob, big single. Bonza!


* It has the full plain course and half a course of COs 64235, 35642, and
42356 - stuffed full of everything with no bad bits.

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