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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Sun Jul 20 07:13:57 UTC 2008

Much of the recent discussion reminds me of the (alleged) 1st peal of PB7 at 
Holborn in  the 90s. It has three types of call with only one per course. I 
came up with a version of it as it wasn't explicitly written down anywhere:

5040 PB Triples
- 1426357
- 1645237
- 1563427
- 1352647
s 1352467
- 1236547
- 1624357
- 1465237
- 1543627
s 1543267
- 1356427
- 1632547
- 1264357
- 1425637
s 1425367
- 1546237
- 1653427
- 1362547
- 1234657
e 1423567
Rpt. twice
Calls are all made when the observation, here the 7th, is making seconds.
- = 123
s = 1234
e = 12345

Strange how it isn't rung very often isn't it? I think I thought about calling it myself, but opted for one of Hubbard's bobs-only comps. instead. It must certainly be considered one of the 'best' comps. in the method by most sets of criteria.

Did I say the 90's? - sorry, I should have said 1690.

Thinking a bit more about criteria, the 'antients' seem to have believed that a better comp. in a method was one which had fewer calls and/or of fewer types  than its comparator. Cureent thinking seems to be the opposite of this - for good reasons it seems, but it could also be said to be putting the clock back.

Don always finishes his posts with a quote so here's one he will appreciate. 
It's Terry Pratchett describing Magrat Garlick. "She firmly believes wisdom 
is wiser if it comes from further away". If 'further away' is construed as 
meaning in time, then it could well describe the attitude of several of our 
fellow list-members.

b.t.w., If Andrew Craddock is feeling like it, perhaps he could let us know 
how many Variable Cover peals have been rung. (Thanks in anticipation.)

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