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Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Thu Jul 17 10:59:27 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:54 AM, Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot.com> wrote:
> We sent it to the Ringing World for publication.  The
> Ringing World, apparently on the advice of the Methods
> Committee (or more likely, its then chairman) refused to
> publish it as a peal, and instead published it under some
> heading like 'Miscellaneous performances'.
> Because of this, when it came to the Analysis, the peal was
> not included in any fashion at all.  It wasn't included with
> all of the 'normal' peals; nor was it it identified as a
> non-complying peal.  I'm told that this is because the Peals
> Analysis Commitee (again, apparently on the advise of the
> Methods Committee) decided that, as it was not published in
> the Ringing World as a peal, it shouldn't included in the
> analysis in any fashion.

Is it at least in PealBase and Felstead? I think it should be, and
hope Andrew will agree with me.

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