[r-t] Old methods

Leigh Simpson lists at simpleigh.com
Thu Jul 17 12:38:14 UTC 2008

> On 30 Dec 2003, I rang in a peal of 7 minor methods where
> each extent contravened a different CC decision.  As a
> result, this peal was "not complying with parts A to D".
> We sent it to the Ringing World for publication.  The
> Ringing World, apparently on the advice of the Methods
> Committee (or more likely, its then chairman) refused to
> publish it as a peal, and instead published it under some
> heading like 'Miscellaneous performances'.
> Because of this, when it came to the Analysis, the peal was
> not included in any fashion at all.

Well surely then this is much the fault of the Ringing World? I maintain
that the comic ought to be publishing any peal which is sent to them,
regardless of whether it's on bells, handbells, angklunks, etc., and
regardless of whether it might or might not meet any decisions of any body.
The CC can then include them all in the analysis, but flag those which are

The comic staff ought not to be interpreting the decisions of the council to
decide whether or not to publish things. There's clearly no such thing as a
"miscellaneous performance."

Similarly I believe that any ringer should be able to identify themselves as
they see fit in a peal report.


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