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2008/7/18 Robin Woolley <robin at robinw.org.uk>:

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> How do you splice Grandsire and New G? If you ring GN, it's false straight
> away, isn't it?
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NG isn't, Obviously you try to avoid blocks of plain hunt

If you look at the PN I gave, it should be obvious that 'New' Grandsire is
inverse Grandsire (can't call it 'reverse' because that is already used to
describe Grandsire off the back.) so, you might be able to take any comp of
Grandsire and invert it. If you try to avoid singles - as PABS explained,
there will be chunks on paper that are regular G and chunks that are Inverse
G these can sometimes be joined by a bobbed lead which is symmetrical &
common to both G and NG

Eddie Martin
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