[r-t] New Grandsire [was Old methods]

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 22:55:26 UTC 2008

Eddie Martin:
> in Grandsire Doubles, the bob moves us from one lead block to
> another lead block, NOT from one course to another course.
> ... a bob at the end of the plain course (course 1) puts us nicely
> into course 2, but before we can complete course 2, several rows
> repeat rows which inconveniently occurred in course 1.

If we ring Cambridge Major, and I call the well-known WHW x3, several rows 
occur which inconveniently occurred in previous courses.  Do I take it, 
then, that in Cambridge Major, a bob does not move us from one course to 
another?  Is Cambridge Major therefore against the CC's decisions?  Should 
Cambridge Major be banned?*


* For this reason, I mean.  Let's not start that argument again. 

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