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Fri Jul 25 06:43:03 UTC 2008

2008/7/24 Philip Saddleton <pabs at cantab.net>:

> edward martin wrote:
> >
> >
> > Method extension is an old chestnut that re-imerges on average at
> > least once per decade & is never totally satisfactory I really don't
> > see how it can be For example, Using any previous set of decisions
> > definitions erc, how would you extend Scientific Triples to Caters? I
> > think that an answer might involve having to retain a structure of 30
> > rows which in my opinion could not be an extension of the principle
> > behind Scientific Triples or Martin's for that matter!!
> Under the current Decisions, yes. Though I don't see how any way of
> extending these could capture the group structure behind them.
> Philip
> Neither do I
In fact I challenged Tony Smith's alledged extension of Pitman's 6 bell
Principle, which exists by fair distribution of trios, but in extension
(according to Tony who stayed entirely with the current decisions) it

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