[r-t] Cambridge with asymmetric bobs

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Tue Jul 29 19:13:02 UTC 2008

Ben Willetts said  on 29/07/2008 19:36:
> This may turn out to be one of those really stupid questions, but I haven't 
> had much sleep this weekend and I just can't seem to see the problem.
> In Cambridge S Minor, the three bells under the treble as it moves from 4ths 
> to 5ths are a coursing three.  It would therefore seem to be possible to 
> call a bob here, using p.n. 16 instead of 36, which will rotate these three 
> bells in exactly the same way as a conventional lead-end bob.
> 'Wrong' then becomes the call when the tenor is 3rds p.b., and 'Home' is the 
> one where it's 5ths p.b.  However, calling WHWx3 with these bobs runs false 
> after the fifth bob.  Why is this?  It doesn't seem obvious to me that the 
> 720 should not be true.
> Ben 
When you cal WHW you ring part of a course between W and H, and the rest 
backwards between H and W in another part. Try calling the 'Home' in the 
other half of the lead.


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