[r-t] Odds & sods

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Thu Jul 31 12:36:31 UTC 2008

Leigh wrote:

> it'd be nice to be able to describe at least the 360 of PB Minor
> using rules, which is how many people ring it ("call a bob when
> the tenor is at the back unless the 5 is as well").

How about this:

720 PB Minor

(null), x16
(1 = 1b), 12
(1 = 1b & 6 > 4 & 5 < 5), 14
(rounds), 1234

Condition format is [bell number] [test] [position in row] with b added for
backstroke, and rules are listed in increasing precedence. I have assumed
that the test is against the position the bell will be in if the condition
were true and the place notation executed. This is similar to 6 = 5 being a
call Wrong in Kent Minor i.e. the position the tenor will be in after the
call has been made.

We now need to think how this works in Treble-Bob etc to avoid mixing the
treble's lead and snap. A mask format might be useful too (e.g. 1xxxx6).



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