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2008/7/30 Philip Earis <pje24 at cantab.net>

> Does nobody have the information below?  I'm genuinely curious and
> interested!
> ---
> On a slightly different point, I wonder if anybody could give
> information about the two principles below?  Both are mentioned in the
> CC Principles book, but strangely (unlike all the other methods
> included) no notation of further details for them is given. There's
> nothing in the online method collection either.
> 1) Maidstone Major - Joseph Tebbs came up with the first composition.
> This was first pealed at St John's, Wakefield on 18 August 1809 in 3h32
> by the St John's Youths, conducted by William Woodhead.
> There should be more information at RW 1957, p596 (article by David
> Cubitt), but I don't have access to this.  A further peal was rung on
> 6/2/1814 at Borden, Kent, by the Borden Youths (possibly described in
> Morris's History and Art, page 139)
He just mentions:
"Union Youths of Borden, Kent."
and that a tablet records

"April 5 - 1813 1 peal of 5,760 Maidstone Bob Major
Feb 6 - 1814  1 peal of 5,856 Maidstone Bob Major
with no indication of either method or comp.

> The Felstead archive (http://www.felstead.org.uk/) says both the
> Wakefield and Borden peal were "Maidstone Bob Major". This method is
> listed on the Methods Committee website as j &-18-16-58-78, first pealed
> in 1947.  If this was the method rung, why does it appear in the
> Principles book (and why does the website say it was first pealed over a
> century later)?

Don't know

> 2) Bob Major Triples - A 5040 rung at St Martin's in the Fields,
> Westminster on 20 May 1738, in 2hrs 55 min by the Union Scholars,
> conducted by John Denmead, "containing the Treble Leads and Bobs of ye
> compleat peal of 40320 Bob Major, Eight In.". The CC booklet says "The
> method is Original, with bobs made on the front (thirds instead of
> lead)", and points to Morris's History and Art, page 85. Is the
> composition for this known?  I'd be very interested to see it.  Felstead
> reports this peal as "Bob Major Trebles"
E Morris gives no details of the comp but does give a list of who rang what,
under the heading:
"May the xx., MDCCXXXVIII
At S. Martin's-in-the-Fieldss
the first true and com[leat peal of
5040 BOB MAJOR TREBLES containing the
TREBLE LEADS and BOBS of ye compleat
peal of 40320 BOB MAJOR, EIGHT IN.
prickt and called by JN.denmed
Perform'd in 2 hours 55 mins.."

What the CC booklet says cannot possibly be right "The method is Original,
with bobs made on the front (thirds instead of
lead)", because there aren't enough changes.
5040 is one seventh of 40320 so, the treble would have to be always at lead!
What was probably rung is analgeous to a 5040 of Bob Triples with tenor
covering, but in this the 5040 would be on the back bells with treble always

Eddie Martin
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