[r-t] What was he trying to achieve?

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu Mar 6 23:28:29 UTC 2008

I see David Hull has been naming new methods again, this time Orsett Delight 
Major: <http://www.campanophile.co.uk/show.aspx?Code=62913>

The notation is d &3456-36.4-5-1-4-5-4-5

What was he trying to achieve, I wonder? He takes a very elegant underwork, 
but tacks on on an ugly start that induces BEc falseness. The total of 32 
<4-runs> in the plain course is adequate.

If you're jumping into this bog tou might as well go the whole hog and 
eliminate the falseness completely with something like d 
&3456.7.36.47-5-1-4-5-4-5 (36 <4-runs>) or even d &34567-367.4-5-1-4-5-4-5 
(40 <4-runs>).

A bit more focus needed.

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