[r-t] Spliced Doubles puzzle

Matthew Frye matthew__100 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 23:17:31 UTC 2008

> Can you find an > arrangement where each contains 12 methods? No.3 is easily fixed with > lead splices, but for the first two you will need to interchange leads > of C and D between them.
I can't easily find a way: there doesn't seem to be an simple way to swap leads between the first 2 extents, it can be done if you you swap the frontworks when the 5th makes 4ths, but it needs overworks 3 and 4 kept the same way round in both extents, which messes up the B leads, you can still get all the methods, but the only way to do it duplicates one of the methods from the 3 group. I expect that there is a solution, but that it will require a bit more work to find.
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