[r-t] Red Square Hybrid Doubles

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Wed Nov 12 02:02:26 GMT 2008

Here is the latest wacky doubles method:
120: pppsppps; single = 1 for last 145


It is one of very few rung methods with an odd number of changes in the 
lead.  The treble spends 3 blows in each place, giving a lead of length 
15, and 4 working bells give a course of length 60.  Two courses give the 

It feels very different to ring from any of the usual things.

The 8 lead heads for the entire extent form the dihedral group D_8 
(generated by 13245 and 14523).  There are quite a few such methods 
possible; unfortunately all have at least 3 blows in the same place. 
Blue lines for all the ones with at most 3 blows, and at most 4 blows can 
be found at:
(place notation is given as a string of one character per change - 0 
denotes 123 and 6 denotes 345).
The Schreier graph for this group can be found at:
  - for (slightly) more info see:
To get a method with these 8 rows as lead heads, you just need a tour 
of this graph visiting each node exactly once (i.e. a Hamiltonian cycle).

cheers, Ander

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