[r-t] Treble paths

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sun Sep 14 15:12:38 UTC 2008

Most methods are treble-dominated, with (palindromic) symmetric paths. Indeed, if you want a treble-path where the treble rings twice in each position (and there are no jump changes) you only have one option - plain hunt.

How many different conventionally symmetric treble-paths are there on 8 bells where the treble rings 4 times in each place?

Here are some possibilities:

1212343456567878 (treble-dodging)
1234567887654321 (two lots of plain hunt)

Of course, you can replace a dodge with "kent places", and indeed replace the treble bob at the back with three places (eg Percy's Tea Strainer TP)

Are there other interesting treble path examples though?

Perhaps you need to remove the requirement for conventional symmetry. This would give eg the neat glide symmetric

What else?

And how about treble paths where the treble rings 3, or 5, or 6 times in each place in a lead?

Lots of questions.
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