[r-t] Holdsworth Bristol Max composition

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Mon Apr 20 16:34:04 UTC 2009

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> I recently stumbled across this extremely neat 2-part peal composition of
Bristol Max by a young chap called James Holdsworth.  It uses lots of whole
course to good effect - something that is a bit counter-intuitive with 4ths
place bobs here.
> 5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
> J W Holdsworth
> 23456    M   9   W   H
> ----------------------
> 64352    -           -
> 56342            -
> 54362        -s
> 24365    s
> ----------------------
> Repeat
> It was briefly discussed on the ringing-chat mailing list a few weeks ago,
and a few people said it's so simple it cannot be original - Hull or
Clatworthy must have come up with this a long time ago.
> However, after searching hard on the web (including the complete
composition collections of those two), I cannot find this replicated anyway.
> Has anyone seen it (or anything similar) before?
David Pipe. You may have heard of him.


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