[r-t] Double Treble-Bob Maximus Methods

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Wed Dec 16 09:58:43 UTC 2009

Mark Davies wrote:
> Interesting, Andrew. Capital Delight looks like an excellent method. Is
> there a reason though why e.g. Sweetie Delight is shown as 3456x3456 
> of 34x34? Also what is "swi"?
> MBD 
Brian's paper (slightly modified to use standard place-notation) says:
Almost no methods selected for recording were in the 1991 Central Council 
Collection, though a few came very near to Bristol Surprise Maximus. There 
tended to be multiple results with a simple juggling of places such as 
78.56 and 5678x and 56.78 and x5678 - all methods with nearly-equal values 
of coefficients.

Swi is swings of the blue line in the plain course - front to back to 

With Sweetie Delight then there are several trivial variations.
which according to my count has more runs, but my program counts them 
differently from Brian's.

I count 321456789E0T as 3 4-runs, 2 5-runs and 1 6-run. Brian counts it as 
1 6-run, worth 6 points.

There is a conversion process between the run counts.
E.g. each 12-run has 2 11-runs.
Nnn = number of nn-runs
Snn - number of strict nn-runs (not part of a bigger run)

S12 = N12
S11 = N11-2*S12
    = N11-2*N12
S10 = N10-3*S12-2*S11
    = N10-3*N12-2*N11+4*N12
    = N10-2*N11+N12
S9 = N9-4*S12-3*S11-2*S10
   = N9-4*N12-3*N11+6*N12-2*N10+2*N11-2*N12
   = N9-N11-2*N10


I haven't counted the closeness coefficient for this variation. Perhaps 
his program rejected this for some reason - the closeness might be worse.

Maybe the closeness coefficient should include the treble to be more 
generally applicable.

Graham John mentions 'This has 120 changes of 4-bell coursing, compared to 
112 in Snow Tiger.'
Is 4-bell coursing the number of rows with 4 coursing bells in the same 
positions as in a row of a plain hunt or is there another definition?

Andrew Johnson

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