[r-t] A caters stimulus package?

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Dec 21 16:32:40 UTC 2009

Ander, I think you are spot-on with pretty much everything you say here. 
The only thing I would add is, do not underestimate Grandsire Caters: it 
is probably just about the best method we have got, on any stage. The 
range of compositional possibilities is truly wondeful, and not 
everything is explored. The possibilities that have been mined cover all 
of the "Caters music" themes you list, including LB runs, back-bell 
combinations and coursing music. Grandsire is Good Stuff!

However I agree it is chillingly disappointing that no-one has properly 
explored other avenues. Surely, for instance, it must be possible to 
come up with interesting, treble-dominated, non-plain-hunting methods? 
I'm imagining something with a line somewhere between Bristol Major and 
Triton Royal, and capable of producing similar Caters-style music to 
Grandsire. Why not? Why has no-one ever looked for something like this?

I suspect it is because a pure treble-dodging path doesn't work terribly 
well on odd numbers, and no-one has bothered to think any further. Which 
is sad, because there is no reason why a Little or an Alliance method 
couldn't work well. Look at Littleport Little or Cantuar - good methods, 
which could have analogues at odd stages.

I've looked back through the (rather untidy) archives of the Method 
Laboratory, and have found this little thing, composed in May 2000, 
which sort of fits the bill:

   Oystercatcher Little Delight Caters lh 1

Seems like a good start to me. Why has nothing like this been rung? I'll 
look and see if I have any decent Alliance methods, too.


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