[r-t] 23 Spliced Treble Dodging Major (all the runs)

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 31 12:51:02 UTC 2009

Many congratulations, Alan.
It would be very easy, when performing a 'cold review' of such a composition, to nitpick
at the method choice, but the sheer difficulty involved in producing it needs to be taken
into account. Perhaps such a composition might just exist leaning towards more standard 
methods, but this would be in the realms of someone with some very powerful software and/or 
a lot of time.
I'll put my composition on here in September when it's been attempted, after which point anyone 
who's so inclined can have a go at it.
How about an 8 part palindromic composition of spliced, including the treble, to obtain all 480 4-bell runs? 
That really would be euphoria. Here's a template to start us off.....
5168 (10m/1 differential hunter)
36.1x1.36.14          42317856
abcfb.                41237856
edad.                 43127856
ee.                   47568123
dade.                 46758123
bfcba.                45678123
x 8  
>Thank you very much for your comments and analysis Philip.

>Firstly, before I take any false credit, I'd like to point out that I didn't
>compose the whole thing without any help from a computer. I did make quite
>heavy use of a proving program to try out ideas as they came to me. I just
>meant that I used nothing more powerful than a proving program eg no
>generating software ect. And I certainly did use up a lot of squared paper!

>It is indeed true that unfortunately there is a balance between musicality
>and familiarity. I think that in order to produce a peal of 23-spliced with
>a very high run count it is necessary to largely invent the methods
>specially for the purpose. I always set out with the intention to invent
>lots of the methods specially for the composition and cannot imagine trying
>to produce such a thing without doing so.

>One final thing. In order to try and "raise the bar" slightly higher I came
>up with a few alternatives to some of the new methods in my 23 to try and
>increase diversity and the number of wrong place backworks whilst
>maintaining the maximum run count. (N.B. some of the following substitutions
>must be made simultaneously in order to ensure truth). Refering the
>numbering given in the composition replace with each of the following:

>Method-2: l
>Method-6: e 5-5.4.5-5.6-4-45-2-3
>Method-7: k -34.5.4-25-36-4-5-2-3
>Method-10: e 345-34.1-56-1.34.2-3-36-1
>Method-16: j -3-4-2-6-2-45-4-7
>Method-18: g


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