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 See Church Bells 6/3/1880 (I quote from J R Jerrams cutting book) where R Mackman says (he was complaining about a 720 rung at Daresbury on 27/1/1880 (and published 31/1!) which had 138 bobs, 6 singles, and 6 extremes) :- The calling of Dixons variation is when the 2 and 4 lead is a bob, when the treble leads and 6 dodges behind without 5 is a bob, th e singles are when the 6 dodges behind with 5, the extremes, when the treble leads and 6 is in 34 with the 3 in the first half, and the 5 in the second half. 


So if hie is to be believed anything other than Dixons original composition is not Dixon's Variation of Plain Bob


John David

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