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Thanks for the reply Paul (and Alan),

           I hope to call Carter's Odd Bob at some point soon, and now know it is the 1902 version.

Interesting to find out the history behind these things.



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> Alan Burbidge as the following to say on this matter:
> Carter?s original 1898 peal was the first on his newly-discovered odd bob plan 
> and consisted essentially of 4 quarters, all similar but not exactly the same. 
> If we call these Q1 Q2 Q3 and Q4 he started with Q1 and joined then others as 
> follows.
> Q2 joined to Q1 by extra twin bob
> Q3 joined to Q2 by twin omit
> Q4 joined to Q3 by use of singles.
> The result is that the 2 singles are a 1260 changes apart.
> In 1902 he makes an arrangement, no longer in quarter peals, whereby the 2 
> singles are only 224 changes apart (3 courses) and became known as his odd bob 
> "one part."
> J Carter called the 1898 peal at Harborne on 17 Dec 1898.
> W H Barber called the 1902 peal at Selly Oak on 5 May 1902 and again in hand on 
> 20 August 1902.
> J Carter congratulated him in a letter to the Bell News in Sep 1902.
> The 1898 peal was printed in the Stedman Book of 1903 as a postscript to the 
> chapter on Modern Peals, having been received just prior to going to press. It 
> was described as being on an "entirely different plan".
> -- 
> Paul
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