[r-t] 8-spliced touch

Martin Cansdale mjclists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 13:47:59 UTC 2009

2009/11/27 Philip Earis <pje24 at cantab.net>:
> Thanks Martin, good work.  I think this one is relatively neat:
>> rpspnpypl-cpp-bss 258 true 43
Yes, that one caught my eye. I'll probably add something to the parser
to flag up backrounds, queens, and tittums.

> Would you be able to do a 9- and possibly 10- lead search also (including
> those coming round at both handstroke and backstroke snaps)? Presumably
> this search would be quite a bit more complex.
I plan to have a go - the tree search code was written to be fairly
flexible, so it's only a case of changing one function that checks
which methods to use next. The 8 lead search only took about 20
minutes (once I'd remembered to get the compiler to optimize things).


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