[r-t] New doubles extents

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Oct 7 09:47:11 UTC 2009

I see from Campanophile that an extent of 'Awaiting Name' Treble Place
Doubles has recently been rung

According to the footnote,

"This method rung for the first time: lh12534

Grandsire, based on Tendrings instead of Original. This method does appear
in Tintinalogia, however it has never been named"

The construction is neat, with alternate single and double changes. 
Presumably the extent was just 3(pb), where a bobbed lead replaces the
last '5' in the notation with a '3' (ie directly analagous to a Grandsire

The method can easily be modified to get an attractively-symmetric treble
path, ie:


An extent can be obtained in the same way 3*(pb).  It seems no method with
such a treble path is recorded on the CC methods committee site - can this
be correct? Does anything like this appear in Tintinalogia etc?

There really are a lot of under-explored idea in doubles.

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