[r-t] 8-spliced touch

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sun Oct 25 14:01:25 UTC 2009

> Does anyone have a favourite touch of 8-spliced, or an answer to
> Philip's problem above?

Jack, Elf is very good but not really the perfect tool for this problem
(at least in its current form).

It can't search for compositions with singles, for example, and is
restricted to round block comps (ie it doesn't find touches that come
round at the snap).

On a different point, this lunchtime we rang a quarter peal of the
so-called standard 8.  I was asked to call it on Friday, so decided to try
and produce a composition that was a bit more musical than the usual dire
fare.  The result is below - despite the limitations of the source
material I really quite like it.

1280 spliced major (8 methods)

B  F/I  H
-            YC.SY
-            PY.BBB
2            BBBB.RY.CS
-       s    CS.YC.
        -s   B.B.
-            NC.SS
    X   -    SSSSS.LYL.SYSYS.

Nearly every lead has great music, and is carefully chosen. Key features

- Great method balance, with limited exposure to the toxic methods (these
are the few musicless leads)

- The whole magical mega-tittums course in Spuerlative, which gives you
cyclic runs either side of each halflead and leadend

- The whole course of 46532 of Bristol, with consequent 123456 runs

- The five befores construction is well-suited (and used) to get great
msuic out of Superlative, with 5678 / 8765 runs. Similarly the 54326
coursing order at the end is exploited by Superlative for 2345 / 5432

- Yorkshire is used to good effect, with various 8765, 2345, 5432, etc
runs round the halflead (including 2345678)

- Traditional 5678 rollups also get used in the bobbed leads of Bristol in
the middle of the comp.

- Bonus rows like 65432187 are given by Cambridge, used in the 54326
coursing order.

- Hell, even Rutlan is used after the 17823456 leadhead for 3456 runs.

All together, it was just what I was looking for.  The runs are spread
between the bells, so there's something for everyone (ie not just a 5678

Can anyone tweak this, or indeed do better on a different plan?

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