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Daniel Brady danielw.brady at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 14:37:14 UTC 2009

Favourite Touch of Eight Spliced

258 Eight Spliced

 14263857 R
 13527486 S
 12435678 L s
 13245678 B -
 15728364 C
 18674532 P
 14362857 N
 12537486 Y
round in two changes of CNYR

the third course is already optimised for best music, in this form the touch
is false in only two rows. This scores 39,
it also includes Queens, three near-misses, the backchange and two
near-misses thereof.

The music can be increase at the expense of two extra false rows by swapping
Rutland & London.
This gives a score of 46. Five near misses (technically only four as one is
repeated), the backchange and two near misses.

This can also be extended to 9 leads by adding another lead of Bristol at
the start or preferably next to the existing Bristol
and changing the calling to H H sH, this adds another 4x 5678's.  Adding the
Bristol to the start will mean that neither
queens or the backchange will occur.

Very good touch for a slow start to a practice as you can easily dive out of
it after 3,4,5 or 6 leads if anyone else turns up.

Daniel Brady
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