[r-t] 8-spliced touch

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Oct 26 22:27:39 UTC 2009

PJE wrote,

> Jack, Elf is very good but not really the perfect tool for this problem
> (at least in its current form).
> It can't search for compositions with singles, for example, and is
> restricted to round block comps (ie it doesn't find touches that come
> round at the snap).

You chaps will note that I did open-source it! It should be very easy to
change the code to achieve what you are after for a short touch -

In particular, note:

1. It's pretty well Javadoced.

2. There's a "application" entry point, provided by class ComposerApp, so
you can run it easily from the command line or a development environment.

3. I think it can already do bobs and singles, it's just the option for the
latter isn't exposed from the web UI.

4. Turning off proof-checking would make it a lot faster for short touches!

The only slight difficulty you might encounter is that you'll have to turn
off the rotational sort in order to exhaustively search snap or handstroke
lead finishes. I can't think that can be too difficult - probably just need
to subclass ComposerLH.

Let me know how you get on...


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