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Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Sep 14 12:54:07 UTC 2009

As a postscript to my last message, I arranged the following spliced major composition in 11 methods. As you'll see, it is very derivative of Rob Lee's 96 run wonder.

My arrangement was designed to be more accessible in terms of the familiarity of the methods (8 of the 11 are commonly rung, whilst one of the new methods is Bristol over and one almost Cray over). 

Because of the more familiar methods, the music count is reduced accordingly. The arrangement has IIRC 71 of the 96 runs of each cycle - certainly a reasonable number (cyclic Smiths and Chandlers have ~32 for comparison), but a long way short of Rob's maximal effort.

One plus point of the simpler  composition is that it is also a perfect palindrome. As an aside, I'm curious how many perfect palindromic peals of spliced major have composed previously?

The above not withstanding, my arrangement is clearly much inferior to Rob's beauty (which itself isn't too formidable to learn).

5152 Spliced TD Major (11 methods) 

 12345678 A Aubergine S 
 13527486 E Chesterfield S 
 14263857 F Claybrooke S 
 16482735 E Chesterfield S 
 17856342 A Aubergine S
-17864523 G Oswald D
 18472635 H Essex S 
 12345867 M Belfast S 
 14283756 J Djelibaybi S
-15678342 B Cambridge S 
 18462537 A York S 
 14283675 B Lincolnshire S 
 13725468 F Claybrooke S
-14237856 E Eucalyptus S
 18364527 E Eucalyptus S
-17568234 F Claybrooke S
 16725483 B Lincolnshire S
 15873642 A York S
 18354726 B Cambridge S
-13426875 J Djelibaybi S
 17568423 M Belfast S
 16745382 H Essex S
 15872634 G Oswald D


Aubergine = a &36-
Djelibaybi = j &-5-4.5-5.6-34-5.236-6.5
Eucalyptus = e &-34-4-2-6-2.34.5-2.34.1 

(Oswald Delight is Kent over Cambridge ) 

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