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Sat Sep 5 14:42:35 UTC 2009

2009/9/4 Ted Steele <ted.steele at tesco.net>:
> I have been interested by the responses to my original query about the
> extent of caters. Can anyone comment on the remaining part of the query, i.e
> whether James Hewett was a notable composer and if so for what is he
> remembered? I would now add; does anyone know how his extent was
> constructed?
> Ted
I have searched in vain for a copy & presume that it  was in a box
that went astray when we moved from USA.. What I vaguely remember of
it was that block upon block was singled in and then singled back (a
to b, b to c, c to d,etc till d to c, c to b, b to a) if that indeed
was his comp.
As for the bloke himself: Born 1814, died 1866 At the age of 15 rang
his first peal (Grandsire Triples)
 In1825 a 5400 of Superlative S. Royal was rung at Wakefield but was
proved to be false by him,
He rang the 5th to the first peal in N. America.
His bio & a picture are in Morriss's History & Art (p.538) He seems to
have been very clever with handbells but I haven't found any comps of
his...apparently he learned composition techniques from Shipway.

Eddie Martin

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