[r-t] James Hewett, was Extent of caters

edward martin edward.w.martin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 19:47:57 UTC 2009

2009/9/5 Ted Steele <ted.steele at tesco.net>:
> edward martin wrote:
>>  In1825 a 5400 of Superlative S. Royal was rung at Wakefield but was
>> proved to be false by him,
>> He rang the 5th to the first peal in N. America.
> Thanks for the info about James Hewett, which I have now read up in H & A;
> (a pity I didn't think of looking there first). He was obviously quite a
> character but these two things you mention both sound as though there could
> be an interesting story behind them. I wonder what drew him to investigate
> the Superlative.
> Ted.

As you know, he was from Wakefield, it was a Wakefield band that went
for the peal, and later went for it again he wasn't in the first
attempt & Ernest didn't give details of the second successful
I was interested to read that he had learned a thing or two about
composition from Shipway & yes you are right, |I bet there is a story
there somewhere

all the best Eddie

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