[r-t] Judging a Striking Competition

Glenn Taylor gaataylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 20:57:26 UTC 2010

--- Simon wrote ---
Mark each change out of 5, with 5 for a perfect row, 4 for a disturbance to
the rhythm, 3 for a slight clip, etc

I support this type of approach although I would find myself agonising over
the difference between a disturbance to the rhythm and a slight clip. Which
is it, for example, if you hear crotchet, dotted quaver, semiquaver,
crotchet, crotchet, crotchet? Also, what would one do for two slight clips
in the same row?

I myself use columns that are six squares wide (for doubles/minor) and,
listening to every blow, use a system of 1 fault for an outright crunch and
a half fault if the blow is otherwise out of time.

Whether one uses Simon's system, mine or something else, all that matters is
that one applies it consistently.


PS. I have a Word file ruled out into columns as outlined above and is
useable for 10/12/24 rows per lead. If anyone wants to avoid reinventing the
wheel then let me know off-list and I'll happily email a copy.

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