[r-t] The most uninteresting peal composition?

Simon Humphrey sh at keystrata.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 09:17:19 UTC 2010

> Back in the 1970s/1980s, Jeremy Housden produced a composition of Plain
> Bob
> Major that was one course long. The tenor spent almost all the peal as
> 2nds
> or 3rds place bell. Rumour has it he was put out when he realised that
> with
> a bit more effort he could have kept the number of rollups to 2 (the comp
> has 4!).

Ted Shuttleworth produced a 1-course 2-rollup composition of PB8 in the
1960's.  He planned to call it without letting the tenor ringer know what
the composition was like beforehand.


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