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Yes it is the one regret I have about the composition. When I composed it I just used a, b c etc for the methods in order. For some strange reason that escapes me now I liked the M type methods and kept them. I certainly liked the idea of having one place bell in the entire peal to be completely trivial (2nds place Blue Nile) - but I am sure there are plenty of unrung methods that would have fit the bill. However, having got people to start learnign the methods to change and rename everything would have been too much to ask (to be honest I was never sure that anyone was going to be daft enough to ring the peal).

The rationale behind the naming was that at the time most rung TB methods were either the usual place names or things like Wonderful. These methods are certainly not "wonderful" although I've grown to quite like some of them now. Hence the use of names that were somewhat more descriptive. I did look through a dictionary of unpronouncable words which seemed to have no vowels, or had too many, just so the conductor had something else to think about - but that was probably best avoided!


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Philip wrote:

   12345678 Awful
 - 12357486 Bizarre
   14562837 Crazy
   13728564 Diabolical
 - 17864352 Evil
   14582736 Fiendish
   13627584 Gruesome
   15243867 Horrible
   12356478 Impossible
 - 17845623 Jagged
   15283764 Killer
 - 17852436 Loathsome
   16435278 Monstrous
   18273564 Blue Nile
 - 17823564 Nasty
   13684752 Obnoxious
   15247683 Painful
   16435827 Quirky
   14562378 Repulsive
   18376245 Easton Neston
 - 17836245 Silly
 - 15237486 Terrible
   13542678 Unpleasant
 - 13527486

I like the name theme. It's a shame that Easton Neston and Blue Nile weren't replaced by two new methods to make the theme complete. I suggested a few additional names when Peter first posted the series of compositions in 2007.

Daft, Dire, Dreadful
Ghastly, Grim
Wacky, Weird, Wretched, Wicked
Xenophobia, Xenomania, Xpletive?

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