[r-t] PB6 search completes

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sat Feb 6 13:11:07 UTC 2010

I started a PB6 extent search last night, and it has just completed, so 
the search space is not as big as we thought. Total search time was a 
mere 18 hours, 16 minutes. During that time SMC32 searched 
7,409,040,574,000 nodes and produced 1,440,339,152 (1.4 billion) 

Unfortunately I couldn't output them. It seems the stdio library I use 
is restricted to 32-bit file pointers, so the first search I tried 
bombed out when the output file reached 2GB (within the first couple of 
hours). I've got plenty of disk space, but it looks like I need to 
upgrade my ancient C++ development environment - which could be 
problematic because I'd need one that supports inline assembler.

I'm inclined to think we don't need to look at all those compositions 



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