[r-t] PB6 search completes

Ian Broster ian at broster.co.uk
Sat Feb 6 13:56:41 UTC 2010

> Unfortunately I couldn't output them. It seems the stdio library I use  
> is restricted to 32-bit file pointers, so the first search I tried  
> bombed out when the output file reached 2GB (within the first couple of  
> hours). I've got plenty of disk space, but it looks like I need to  
> upgrade my ancient C++ development environment - which could be  
> problematic because I'd need one that supports inline assembler.

18 hours is really quite fast for that search space. I estimate that mine  
would have taken a good day or two.

Regarding output size, compression is the key, not file size. As I noted,  
when I started this search, the output was as big as my disk...

Why not just do something akin to

program | bzip2 - > output.bz2

This is the way that I've dealt with lots of output in the past (and  
should have done last time...)

If you want to check the tail of the output, you can always try something  
like the following

rm -f rec*bz2 rec*t
tail -c 200000 extent.bz2 > t
bzip2recover t
bunzip2 `ls rec*|tail -1`
tail `ls rec*t`
rm -f rec*bz2


Ian Broster

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