[r-t] Viking Delight Royal (was Exhausted search spaces)

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Feb 8 23:43:45 UTC 2010

Alan Barber writes,

> As someone who calls the odd peal and dabbles a bit with
 > compositions by choice I like to start with a bob at home
 > and then finish with 2 homes.  And as for ending with
 > 3 bobs at H words escape me!!

But... but... depending on where your other calls are, a Home start and 
2H end may be only two leads different from a 3H finish!

I agree with Don - finishing with a bit of the plain course is nice. 
Alternatively, coming out of some LB music into a couple of big rollups 
before a final Home is another classic finish.

I also quite like splitting the plain course up and distributing it 
throughout the peal. Here's one example I think is good:

5136 Bristol Surprise Maximus (comp MBD)

   23456   M  W  H
   63452   -     -s
   35426   s  s  s-
   24356      -  s
   56342   s  -
   32465   -  -  2
   64523   -  -
   23456   -  s  s

   8 567890ET
   8 657890ET
   81 LB5
   230 LB4


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