[r-t] Diamond Delight Major

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sat May 22 13:56:12 UTC 2010

Graham writes,

> Traditionally, Pitman's classic would be used for b group methods with this
> falseness. Given that it is bobs only tenors-together, it has reasonable
> music.

Yes, that's one of the ones the one-part computer search comes up with. 
Your knowledge of old comps is much better than mine - I wouldn't have 
known that was a Pitman. Presumably this has been used in the past for 
the method, although the most recent peals seem to have been multi-part 
BYROC productions, which unless I'm mistaken would have been pretty nasty.

With a more modern set of musical criteria including little-bell runs, 
the rotation of Pitman's starting with the second Home in the 3rd A 
block is optimal, giving the following:

14 xxxx5678
  6 xxxx6578
  3 5678xxxx
72 LB4

(Pitman's rotation gives 66 LB4, and one fewer 65).

But in fact the only other tenors-together peal, a 5088, is better:

16 xxxx5678
  6 xxxx6578
  5 5678xxxx
74 LB4

The addition of 3V to give the 5024 I showed earlier increases us to:

18 xxxx5678
11 xxxx6578
12 5678xxxx
  1 8765xxxx
84 LB4

And, crucially, the resulting peal is remarkably free of duffer courses 
for such a false method.


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