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Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Sep 27 14:49:10 BST 2010

For a peal on the morning of Andy Smith's wedding last week, I was tasked with coming up with a composition involving five methods selected purely as the method names had significant meaning for the bride and groom.

I normally run a mile from any ringing where the focus is the name not the notation (such as "surprise major alphabets"). However, I had some time recently at Chinese airports and after some playing around put together the composition we rang before landing back at Heathrow.

I was amazed that picking 5 methods purely on their names here yielded methods that were intrinsically pretty good / desirable, and spliced together well also. Canada is an a-group method, with great music in the leads beginning 12345678 and 17856342.  I used this as the inspiration for the composition, engineering a cyclic 7-part palindromic method structure round this, and slotting in Canada every time music would be generated.

Trafalgar Square and Wokingham are also reasonable a-group methods, whilst Cambridge happily gives a bit of stability to proceedings for a "must score" peal. Edmonton is used a brief bridge in the 3 wrongs filler at the beginning - it keeps people on their toes (and keeps the length down)

The whole composition scores 48 out of the 96 possible run-rows, which is pleasantly above my estimations. I was very happy with the end result, which we scored (http://www.campanophile.com/view.aspx?107539). It's worth repeat performances.

I'd be very interested to see how much music can be generated in a cyclic 7-part composition with these methods using established computing resources. Any takers?

5040 Spliced Major (5m)
 12345678 Canada
-12357486 Trafalgar Square
 13728564 Wokingham
 17836245 Wokingham
 18674352 Cambridge
 14562837 Trafalgar Square
 15243678 Wokingham
-15237486 Cambridge
 17826543 Edmonton
 14365827 Canada
 13542678 Wokingham
-13527486 Cambridge
 17856342 Canada
-17864523 Wokingham
 18472635 Cambridge
 12345867 Canada
-12356478 Cambridge
 16738245 Trafalgar Square
 17864352 Trafalgar Square
 18475623 Cambridge
-14523867 Canada
 15346278 Cambridge
 16738524 Wokingham

1568 Cambridge, 1344 Wokingham, 1120 Canada, 896 Trafalgar Square, 112 Edmonton; atw


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