[r-t] Challenge to produce new method - Double Helix Royal

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 18:51:58 UTC 2011

At Thu Nov 17 11:56:05, Philip Earis wrote:
>My challenge for people now is to come up with a royal differential (or even a long list of 
>possibilities) matching these constraints.....

I've had a stab at this. It meets most of Philip's criteria except (4), in that non-coursing pairs 
meet on the front and back (however, the half lead and lead heads are regular).

The method was constructed from the starting observation that that the quarter lead can be set out
in 4 different half leads plus 4 different quarter leads of Plain Hunt on 10 (4x10 + 4x5 = 60),
the challenge being to join them together. I started from this point in order to try and maximise 
movement within the method, as per the brief. It is therefore fairly dynamic (not quite as per 
the constraint - there are some instances of double dodging and extended fishtails, but it's not 
exactly Derwent).

I've attached a PDF of the method(/peal..) and the notation up to the quarter lead is:
(hl 7, lh 4, 3125749608)

Happy New Year all and good focus for 2012.


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