[r-t] round trip terminology

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Dec 5 00:17:14 UTC 2011

Philip Earis wrote:

> However, that said, an interesting alternative measure of 
> fluidity is whether all place bells ring in all 8 places 
> in a lead. This has been discussed on here before, I 
> think. London major was given as a rare example for 
> surprise major methods (though it's a bit of a dubious 
> example as with the formal definition of lead, from 
> leadhead to leadend, 7ths place bell doesn't ever ring in 
> 8ths place)
> I'm sure Richard can give a list of such major methods 
> which meet this maximally-fluid criterion.

The following named methods satisfy it properly (i.e. not 
just as London does):

Underwood D, Eggesford S, Rhondda S, Ferriby D, Germinal D, 
Queenborough S, Erbium S, Jevington S, Virgo S, Darmstadtium 
S, Rhodium S, Ambleside S, Commonwealth S, St Margaret's S, 
Quimper S, Crookes S, Vieux Fort S, Taplow S, Bray S, 
Barbuda S, Beaumanor S, Tin S, 110 S, Zinc S, Phosphorus S, 
Guadeloupe S, Oatlands Park S, Providencia S, Vinion D, Zyyi 
S, Mrs Trellis of North Wales S, Little Rock D, Hopwood D, 
Eleuthera S, Eardisland Manor S, Todmorden S, Humberstone S, 
Bimini S, Shambles S, Radon S, Xenon S, Chelmsford S, 
Boreham S, Fowlmere D, Bramber Castle D, Decantae D, Selham 
Castle D, Pevensey Castle D, Ugborough S, Dronfield TB, 
Campsall D, Handsworth TB, Crediton S, Shouldham D, Ixworth 
S, Hinton S, Filton S, Belgrave S, Osgathorpe S, Gainford S, 
Little Sparky D, Sebat D, Buckhurst D, January D, Upham D, 
New Durham S, York S, Esau D, Hales Owen D, Vatersay S, 
Zennor S, Barkingside S, Frogmore S, Tantum S, Venicones S, 
Magantia D, Vespasian D, Japanese D, Dido S, Tideswell TB, 
Turf Moor S, Albion TB, Drumbo D, Egregious TB, Stonepit S, 
Unnilseptium S, Yanworth S, Quixhill S, Pullet S, Stirtloe 
S, Sidcup S, Revolver D, Ryecroft TB, Terrible Towel TB, St 
Andrews S, Brightwell.

York is probably the most standard of the lot.


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