[r-t] Change ringing mentioned in "The Art of Computer Programming" Vol. 4A

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Dec 19 22:16:34 UTC 2011

Hi Simon. On Monday 13 Sep 2004 I wrote, to this list,

"Did anyone ever contact Knuth to find out how he knows about ringing? 
Is anyone in correspondence with him? His Vol 4 of the 'The Art' has a 
lot of ringing stuff - this was posted on changeringers last year as I 


"Would be interested to hear of any follow-up."

RAS and Ander have also referred to this volume and related papers 
several times over the last few years, but as far as I can see no-one 
figured out what the ringing connection is. I believe Knuth mentions an 
E.S. Rapaport, or Rapaport-Strasser, plus a certain Carla Savage, as 
being the origin of some or all of the ringing-related problems. No-one 
seemed to know anything about any of them, either; possibly PhD students 
or researchers who had been influenced by local college ringing societies?


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