[r-t] Superlative S Major QP

Benjamin Constant bdconstant at qma.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 21:22:28 UTC 2011

Richard Pullin's 1376 looks quite appealing; one drawback, however, is
that the only lead of the plain course which is missing is the most
musical one!

A while ago I spent some time searching for a QP to include the plain
course, together with COs 65432 and 24365 in full.  This can be achieved
easily if you allow a couple of half-lead bobs, but for most practical
purposes these are undesirable.

I'd put this one forward as a candidate for the diary, being a more
conventional length with no singles:-


23456   B  W  H
45236      -  -
34562   x     2
34625   x     -
42635      2
23456   x

Contains 84 four-bell runs at the back or front;
includes the mega-tittums course in full, with six leads of the plain


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